Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sometimes when we are tired we spend an hour with the poets' thought-music; word music holds a charm like the music of moving waters, to soothe and heal. Sometimes rest comes otherwise. The mystery of mighty spaces, the splendour of great forces, or the magic of colour, the marvel of the loveliness about us seems to open suddenly as if another finer sense than sight perceived it, and one's very being thrills with an incommunicable joy. Sometimes a different thing happens. One can hardly tell what. Only one knows that, through and through, one is strong and glad and well again. One has seen part of the Ways of God.    
                                                                                 ~ Amy Carmichael
 from Overweights of Joy (1906) in Learning of God ~ Readings from Amy Carmichael 
Compiled by Stuart & Brenda Blanch 

Painting ~ A Young Girl Reading, Mose Bianci 1840-1904


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