Friday, August 4, 2017

Tutorial ~ Rosettes For A Little Girl's Dress

Finished another little dress this week and added a little rosette to this one. Thought I'd share a simple tutorial with you if you know a little girl who'd like a little rosette to match her favorite dress. Or you can make one to wear in her hair as well. They're so simple you might just not be able to stop making them! If you're familiar with making yoyos, it's pretty much the same thing.

For the 2-inch rosette I made, I began with a little larger than 4-inch square of fabric, and cut out a circle. I used a CD, which was the perfect size for my rosette. If you want to make different sizes, a good rule of thumb is to cut a circle twice the diameter of what you want your rosette to be.

Using a strong thread or doubled thread, turn under about a 1/4 inch and use a large running stitch (about 3/8-inch or so) to sew around the circle. The secret to a tight center in the rosette is the large stitches. The first time I made a rosette, I had to start over because my stitches were too small. Be sure to make a substantial knot so it won't slip through the fabric as you pull up the gathers.

Stitch all around the circle, turning under the edge and gathering as you go.

When you arrive back to where you began, adjust the gathers to your liking and put the needle and in and out through the back a couple of times to secure the stitching and knot or tack off.

I like to use a button with a shank, but you can use any button you like. The shank button fits nicely into the circle of the rosette.

Just sew the button in the center of the rosette, and voila! There's your little rosette.

I used a pin to attach the rosette to the dress so it can removed for laundering. To use it in the hair, simply sew a little hair clip to the back of the rosette instead.

I made the black one to match the piping on the neckline of the dress, but they're especially pretty and cute in bright little prints and solids. These were made from the same multi-colored fabric. Add a button or leave them as they are. Add a pin or a little hair clip, and there you go!

You can use yoyos lots of ways. Click here for some yoyo inspiration!

Happy Sewing!



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